Sinister Wisdom 83: Identity and Desire

Identity and Desire

Sinister Wisdom 83: Identity and Desire offers a representative body of work which evokes desire - in so many ways - from poems of loss and regret, to powerful longings for, and connection to, culture, family, and imagination; desire that is carnal and raw, compassionate and insightful, thoughtful and probing - manifestations often unarticulated in a world that continues to marginalize us.

Creative Work By

Stephanie Barnes
Sally R. Brunk
Merina Canyon
Elana Dykewomon
Anne Fairbrother
liz Demi Green
Azaan Kamau
Malanie Kaye/Kantrowitz
Bishop C. Knight
Monisha Lakhotia
Sandra Langer
Cheryl Moore
Lisa L. Moore
Ana Schwartz
Elaine Sexton
Erin Pamela Stewart
Samn Stockwell
Judith K. Witherow

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"Empowerment comes from ideas."

Gloria Anzaldúa

"Your silence will not protect you."

Audre Lorde

"Live your lives, honorably and with dignity."

Andrea Dworkin