Sinister Wisdom 89 / Once and Later

Once and Later

Sinister Wisdom 89: Once and Later troubles the importance of time in lesbian life. Combining temporal designations of what once was, the present, and the future, Once and Later features two interviews; one of Joan Larkin, a veteran poet, by poet Sandra Tarlin, and another of filmmaker Catherine Crouch interviewed by Carolyn Gage. Once and Later also features remembrances of lesbian who have shaped the world and lesbian history to inspire new generations of lesbians.

Special Features:
• Sandra Tarlin Interviews Joan Larkin
• Carolyn Gage Interviews Catherine Crouch
• Roberta and Fairfax Arnold Remember Their Mother, June Arnold
• Merril Mushroom Remembers Julia Penelope

Creative Work By

Dominika Bednarska
Gina Bernard
Cassandra Christenson
Devi Lockwood
Hawk Madrone
Wye Marley
Liz Moyer
Kate Reavis
Ebonie Sade
Becky Thompson
Rachel Stallard

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