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Cheryl Clarke and Janet Rose Reading at Bluestockings in NYC

‘Edgy Chronicles’
An Evening of Readings by Cheryl Clarke and Janet Rose

Saturday, April 5, 7-9pm

Bluestockings Bookstore

172 Allen Street, NYC

(between Rivington and Stanton--F train to 2nd Ave; or W. Houston Bus to Allen St and walk south toward Stanton)

Two edgy lesbian authors read from their different but complementary genres for personal, artistic and political expression. Clarke, acclaimed activist, scholar, poet and essayist, is a prolific analyst and chronicler of struggle. Rose, activist, educator and psychologist, approaches issues through literary science fiction. Clarke will read from her published works, LIVING AS A LESBIAN, THE DAYS OF GOOD LOOKS: PROSE AND POETRY, 1980-2005. Rose will read from her published novel, BEYOND THE HORSE’S EYE —A FANTASY OUT OF TIME.

Sinister Wisdom Awarded Leadership Award from Publishing Triangle - March 2014 Newsletter

Sinister Wisdom to Receive Leadership Award

From the Publishing Triangle

The announcement from the Publishing Triangle that Sinister Wisdom is the winner of the 2014 Leadership Award thrilled all of us at Sinister Wisdom. The prize will be presented on April 24, 2014 in New York City. Here is what the Publishing Triangle had to say about the award:

Created in 2002, this award recognizes contributions to lesbian and gay literature by those who are not primarily writers-editors, agents, librarians, and institutions.

swSinister Wisdom is a multicultural lesbian literary and art journal that publishes four issues each year. Publishing since 1976, Sinister Wisdom works to create a multicultural, multi-class lesbian space. Sinister Wisdom seeks to open, consider and advance the exploration of lesbian community issues. It recognizes the power of language to reflect the diverse experiences in the lesbian community and to enhance the ability of lesbians to develop critical judgment as they evaluate their community and their world. Julie R. Enszer, PhD, is the current editor and publisher of Sinister Wisdom.

In 2013, Sinister Wisdom moved into book publishing as well, in partnership with A Midsummer Night's Press. Its Sapphic Classics are reprint editions of iconic works of lesbian poetry. The first such title, Minnie Bruce Pratt's Crime Against Nature, was published in April 2013; the second Sapphic Classic, Cheryl Clarke's Living as a Lesbian, came out in January 2014.

For its decades of publishing to a queer audience, Sinister Wisdom, the oldest surviving lesbian literary journal, is being honored with the Publishing Triangle's Leadership Award.

Want more information? Visit the Publishing Triangle.


Spring Subscription Drive

Celebrate the Leadership Award by Subscribing to Sinister Wisdom

The greatest way to pay tribute to Sinister Wisdom is by subscribing to the journal. We have a special spring subscription drive. We hope to add 38 new subscribers by May 1st--one for every year that Sinister Wisdom has published. Will you join us as a subscriber today? Full information about subscriptions is available here: We will be counting until we reach 38 and announce that milestone at


Back Issues Available

Copies of Sinister Wisdom 87 and 81 are hot this month

After Sinister Wisdom publisher and editor, Julie R. Enszer, wrote about Sinister Wisdom 87: A Tribute to Adrienne Rich at the Huffington Post, copies have been flying off of our shelves. You can still get a copy, however, if you have missed this issue, by clicking here. You can read Enszer's column here.

Also hot is Sinister Wisdom 81: Lesbian Poetry--When? And Now! in which lesbian poets pair their work with poems by other lesbian poets they admire. A few copies of this issue are still available here.

We sell all back issues in stock here at the special price of three issues for only $15 plus postage. Pick up a few for yourself--and to share with friends.


Share Sinister Wisdom with a Friend!

We can All be Wise and Sinister Together

Share Sinister Wisdom! Forward this email message and encourage your friends to become subscribers to Sinister Wisdom and receive the quarterly goodness of our print journal. Gift subscriptions are available for Sinister Wisdom as well. If you receive this email forwarded from a friend, go to to sign up for our newsletter. Share Sinister Wisdom so others know about the oldest, continuously publishing multicultural lesbian literary & art journal.

Thanks for reading, sharing, and supporting Sinister Wisdom!

In sisterhood,


Julie R. Enszer, PhD

Editor & Publisher

Sinister Wisdom

Sinister Wisdom 61 / Women Loving Women In Prison

One of the most requested issues of Sinister Wisdom is Sinister Wisdom 61: Women Loving Women in Prison. So we are excited to announce that we have a reprint in house of the issue, so copies are back in stock. Many of the requests for this issue come from women who are incarcerated, so we send out copies for free to incarcerated women. If you would like to support this work, do consider making a contribution to Sinister Wisdom. You can give online here:
or mail a check to:
Sinister Wisdom
2333 McIntosh Road
Dover, FL 33527
Interested in other back issues of Sinister Wisdom? Order them here:
Thanks for supporting the journal!

Spoon and the Moon - app by lesbian app builders

Marie Davis and Margaret Hultz are two down-home, hard-working lesbian app builders spreading the word about their app Spoon and the Moon.

No! Wait! Please don’t stop reading; it’s a word worth spreading! Spoon and the Moon has won many awards, including runner-up for Best App Ever and the eLit award for Illuminating Digital Excellence! Most recently we popped up to New York City during the BEA and received our 2013 Discovery Award from IndieReader. IndieReader also picked Spoon and the Moon as one of their six books to fall for this season! Just think of it? Cozy flannel pajamas, nippy cool air, fireplaces roaring and Spoon and the Moon helping you laugh your way through the season! YAY! Fall!

Want a tinge more? Just imagine their plight, two mouse-wielding lesbians working in a predominately straight male technological world and we really, really need the support of the LGBTIQ family.

Plus, and here is the freebie, Marie and Margaret will send Sinister Wisdom readers a free app if they will contact Marie and Margaret at with the words Free App in the subject line.

Thanks buckets for reading their note. Here’s to all of us, and marriage equality sooner than later!

Marie and Margaret—Wickedly Sisters

Marie Davis and Margaret Hultz
Wickedly Sisters
App Developers

Callaloo Creative Writing Workshop - June 2014

THE CALLALOO CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP, sponsored annually by the literary quarterly Callaloo, will be hosted June 1-14, 2014 by The Department of Africana Studies at Brown University

Open and free to the general public, the Workshop is designed to assist new and developing writers by providing intensive and individual instruction in the writing of fiction and poetry. Participants in the Workshop and its leaders will live and work together for the duration of the two-week session, as well as meet in groups for three
hours each day and in individual conferences when necessary.

Each of the two poetry sessions will admit no more than ten applicants, and those devoted to fiction writing will admit only six each. The Workshop leaders will give readings for the general public, and Workshop participants will celebrate the last evening with selective readings.

Admission to and participation in the different sessions of the Workshops are free. However, participants will be responsible for their travel, lodging, and board.

TO APPLY: Applications must be submitted online at
no later than January 31, 2014.
Each applicant must submit a brief cover letter and writing sample (no more than five pages of poetry or twelve pages of prose fiction), to file under the THE CALLALOO CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP category.

An applicant may apply in only one area: poetry or fiction. Otherwise the applicant will not be considered for admission.

For additional information or explanations, please email or telephone the CALLALOO office (979-458-3108).

Stephanie Wasson,
CALLALOO Journal of African Diaspora editor

As/Us: A Space for Women of The World

As/Us: A Space for Women of The World is currently open for submissions.

DEADLINE for Issue 3 is NOVEMBER 30, 2013

Submission Guidelines

As Us accepts original and previously unpublished works by Indigenous women and women of color. Simultaneous submissions are allowed but please inform us immediately if your piece is accepted elsewhere for publication. As Us accepts poetry, spokenword, creative nonfiction, fiction, academic essays, and more.

Sinister Wisdom Nominations for the Pushcart Prize

The Pushcart Prize is one of the most honored literary anthologies in the United States. Publishing since 1976, the Pushcart Prize recognizes the best work of small presses.

Sinister Wisdom is pleased to nominate six pieces from the three issues of Sinister Wisdom published prior to December 1, 2013 for the 2013 Pushcart Prize. The six pieces are:

“Crime Against Nature” Minnie Bruce Pratt
“Icarus, A Woman” T’ai Freedom Ford
“Blood: A Prose Poem” Dominika Bednarska
“The Hungry Girls of America” Tara Shea Burke
“Scour” Ellen Orleans
“Thirsting” Diane Solis

Congratulations to all of these wonderful writers! Sinister Wisdom is proud to have published your work and to nominate it for this honor.

New Issue of TRIVIA: Voices of Feminism

Monica Casper writes: I'm so pleased to announce the launch of Issue #15 of TRIVIA: Voices of Feminism:

This gorgeous Issue --“Animal Instincts"-- guest edited by Lisa Jean Moore and Breanne Fahs, is a Call to the Wild. It’s a call to feminists to embrace our animality, our interconnections, and our species fluidity. All of the work here — prose poetry, fiction, visual art, essays -- explores our relationship to non-human animals and the “natural,” pushing feminism beyond the “eco” into the intimate lives of animals and women — exploring the ways these lives meet, cross each other, and co-exist. From jellyfish to hawks to coyotes to bears, “Animal Instincts” explores who “we” are, and what feminism is, in relation to our non-human kin.

The issue is sure to be of interest to folks working in feminist theory, the "new" materialism, critical animal studies, feminist philosophy, environmental ethics, and many other fields.

For more information about TRIVIA, visit:

You can also like our Facebook page at:

Sinister Wisdom Newsletter - October 2013

Dear Friends and Fans of Sinister Wisdom,

What a great year it has been for Sinister Wisdom! We published three issues of Sinister Wisdom, and are planning, with your support, to publish four (4!) issues in 2014, returning the journal to a quarterly publication.

To continue to grow Sinister Wisdom and have it be a vital part of lesbian communities, I need your help and support. The usual refrain I hear when I talk with lesbians about Sinister Wisdom is, wow, is Sinister Wisdom still publishing? Indeed! Sinister Wisdom is still publishing and has been publishing strong since 1976. You know our work because you are a current or former subscriber, a contributor, or just a good friend of the journal. We need you to continue to support Sinister Wisdom and tell others about us.

Below is a full update on all of the activities of Sinister Wisdom this year, but if you don't read all the way to the end, would you please consider making a contribution to Sinister Wisdom to support our fall fundraising campaign? We need to raise $3,000 to make our publishing dreams possible for 2014. Your support today makes a different. Go here and give generously:

Then tell your friends!

And let me know what you think of the video - it was one of my very first attempts.

In case you missed it, please make a gift to Sinister Wisdom at our fall fundraising campaign:
Any amount helps and means so much to me.

Tell your friends to subscribe and to support us. Here are all of the great reasons why:

Sinister Wisdom 88: Crime Against Nature by Minnie Bruce Pratt

In March 2013, Sinister Wisdom, in conjunction with A Midsummer Night's Press, published a new edition of Minnie Bruce Pratt's Crime Against Nature as the first book in our Sapphic Classics series. The new edition of Crime Against Nature featured an introduction by Julie R. Enszer, a new afterword by Pratt, a reprint of Pratt’s speech at the Lamont award ceremony, photographs of Pratt and her family, and a bibliography. Crime Against Nature was the 1989 Lamont Poetry Selection from the Academy of American Poets, which recognizes a poet’s second collection of poetry, and had been long out of print, until Sinister Wisdom intervened, bringing Crime Against Nature back to print for lesbians of all ages to discover, re-discover, read, re-read, savor, and enjoy.

Missed getting a copy of Sinister Wisdom 88: Crime Against Nature? Perhaps your subscription lapsed? You can renew your subscription quickly and easily online here:

You can order a copy of Sinister Wisdom 88: Crime Against Nature here:

Sinister Wisdom 89: Once and Later

In July 2013, Sinister Wisdom 89: Once and Later mailed to subscribers. Lesbians raved about it. Sinister Wisdom 89 featured our shiny new design for the journal, excellent new poetry and fiction from lesbian writers, an interview with Joan Larkin, a profile of lesbian activist June Arnold by her daughters, an interview with filmmaker Catherine Crouch, and a remembrance of Julia Penelope by Merril Mushroom. And more!

Did you miss Sinister Wisdom 89: Once and Later? Pick up a copy here:
and be sure to renew your submission!

Sinister Wisdom 90: Catch, Quench

This issue just went in the mail to subscribers - you may not even have it in your hot hands. Let me tell you though, it packs a punch with speculative fiction by Susan Levinkind, memoir by Ellen Orleans, poetry by Diane Solis, Cara Armstrong, Tara Shea Burke, and more, and a deeply moving tribute to Sinister Wisdom founding editor and publisher, Catherine Nicholson.

You'll want to read this issue and share it with your friends! Order a single copy here (though these are extremely limited - so don't dilly-dally):

And subscriptions are still available here:

Wow! That was a lot for 2013! What's up for 2014?

Sinister Wisdom will publish our second Sapphic Classic: Living as a Lesbian by Cheryl Clarke. Clarke's Living as a Lesbian will be Sinister Wisdom 91 and it will go in the mail to subscribers the first week of January 2014.

Sinister Wisdom will publish three more issues of Sinister Wisdom in 2014, including a special issue on Lesbians Health Care Workers, edited by Elizabeth Hansen, and an issue on Southern Lesbian-Feminist Herstory, put together by a fabulous group of women from WomonWrites with organizers Rose Norman and Merril Mushroom prodding the group along. We have other great special issues in the works: Joan Nestle and Yasmin Tambiah are working on an issue titled Lesbians and Exile and Nívea Castro is editing an issue titled Out Latina Lesbians. I also have a full open issue that I am putting the finishing touches on as well. Our publishing keeps getting better - more meaningful, more provocative, more insightful, more beautiful, and more often!

And beyond 2014? Are you even thinking bigger?

How did you guess? A great Sapphic Classic for 2015 in the works and WomonWrites is putting together a special issue on Land Dykes. I'm also eyeing the 100th issue of Sinister Wisdom which will be published in the spring of 2016.

To do all of these great things, we need your continued support. First, be sure your subscription to Sinister Wisdom is up to date and paid in full. Second, think about making an extra gift to our fall fundraising campaign to support the important work of Sinister Wisdom. You can make a gift here:

Fall Fundraising Campaign

I work for Sinister Wisdom for free because I love it--and I believe in building and promoting lesbian literature and culture. The printer and the mail shop, however, need to be paid with US currency. Sinister Wisdom has a core of subscribers, but subscriber contributions don't cover the full expenses of producing three print issues of the journal each year. So we turn to the community to support Sinister Wisdom. Our goal is to raise $3,000 between now and November 30th to support Sinister Wisdom's work in 2014. Your contributions will help us do a number of things over the next year:
Publish our next Sapphic Classic, Living as a Lesbian by Cheryl Clarke in January 2014.
Produce three additional issues of Sinister Wisdom in 2014.
Participate in at least two and possibly three writer conventions and publisher showcases around the United States.
Give free subscriptions of Sinister Wisdom to women in prison, women with limited incomes, and women in mental institutions.
Most importantly, your gift to Sinister Wisdom helps to ensure that Sinister Wisdom continues to be an important part of the lesbian community. Sinister Wisdom is a multicultural lesbian literary and arts journal. We've been publishing since 1976 through the generosity of women like you.

Sinister Wisdom needs to raise $3,000 to support our work in 2014. Click here to contribute:

Please share this campaign with your friends, especially people who might not know about Sinister Wisdom (or not know that we are still publishing!). We need to build our base of subscribers and supporters to continue the important work of Sinister Wisdom.

Sinister Wisdom Blog--special note for Contributors, Friends, and Supporters of Sinister Wisdom

We'd love to have updates from contributors for the Sinister Wisdom blog ( Published a book of interest to lesbians? Contributed to an anthology? Reading in your local community? Launching a new project? Sinister Wisdom is happy to post news and information about folks in the Sinister Wisdom community. Send the announcement (preferably in a format that can be easily cut and paste) to I will post it and send you a link as soon as we can.

How to Help Sinister Wisdom

There are lots of ways that you can be involved and support Sinister Wisdom. Here are a few simple ideas:
Sell Sinister Wisdom at local lesbian events. We're happy to send you issues on consignment to sell in your local community.
Ask your local bookstores or other lesbian-owned establishment to stock Sinister Wisdom with a standing order.
Organize a benefit for Sinister Wisdom in your local community. We're happy to talk about how to do that and give you ideas and support.
Share Sinister Wisdom subscriptions with family and friends. More readers build our community. It's fast and easy to order gift subscriptions on our new website:
Most importantly, right now, we need folks to contribute to Sinister Wisdom through the indiegogo campaign to help us meet our fundraising goal of $3,000 to ensure that we can fulfill our ambitious publishing goals for 2014. Please give today, as generously as you can, and share this campaign with family and friends. Encourage them to give. Every dollar helps.

I meant to send along more frequent newsletters, but this is the first one since last fall. Perhaps 2014 will feature a little more news and information in your email box from me. Either way, be sure your 2014 includes all issues of Sinister Wisdom, by keeping your subscription up to date!

In Sisterhood,


Julie R Enszer, PhD
Editor, Sinister Wisdom

Good News and New Classes with Elana Dykewomon, Sinister Wisdom Editor Emerita!

Dear Friends –

Some good news, and two classes:

Beyond the Pale is now an audio book, available from at:

"I feel honored to have read Beyond the Pale. It was rich, engrossing, painful, powerful, and gorgeous.
This book is an out-and-out tour de force. There's no way that I can recommend it highly enough."
– Jennifer Hartling, at The Relentless Reader, 9/19/13

I hope you will enjoy my narration – it was an intense and educational week in the studio! If you enjoy Beyond the Pale (or Risk!), please consider leaving a review on the Audible site, at Goodreads, or any place you regularly get books on the internet.

Both Beyond the Pale and Risk are available as e-books. You can get them from all the usual e-book purveyors, or directly from their publishers:

Beyond the Pale:

Please pass on to anyone you know who may be interested:

I will begin facilitating the
Writing for Wellness Workshop
at the Women's Cancer Resource Center
5741 Telegraph Ave., Oakland

1 to 3 PM on various Saturdays:

October 26
November 30
December 21

We will focus on using all of our senses for healing, community-building and creativity. We’ll go deep and wide, explore and share, in safe space. For women with cancer and other chronic/acute illnesses. All experience levels welcome!

If the first three months go well, we'll do them regularly on the third Saturdays as much as possible.

These are free workshops, but registration is required at:


A great place to jump start a project or get crucial peer response
supportive • intensive • stimulating

Weekend Writing Workshop for Lesbians
with a focus on writing from life experience
(memoir and fiction)

Saturday and Sunday, January 11 &12
10:30 am – 5 pm both days
at a wheelchair accessible private home

All levels welcome!
$150-250 sliding scale
Enrollment limited to 7.
Enrollment ends December 30th!

We will do writing exercises together focusing on
giving you access to your raw material
and expanding your technical skills,
as well as workshop your pre-submitted pieces.

Participants must be willing and able to e-mail all other participants
a short (3-10 page, double-spaced) selection that you want to be discussed
(along with anything you want others to focus on in your work).
Work must be shared no later than January 3rd
so everyone can be prepared for discussion.

Snacks, teas and beverages will be provided.

e-mail for registration and more information


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