Feisty Seniors Sing Out for Justice and Tenderness at the Peoples’ Voice Cafe

Join The SeaWaves for their fall concert in New York City at PVC - The Community Church of New York Unitarian Universalist, 40 East 35th St (Bet Mad Ave and Park Ave) NYC, Saturday, Nov 2 – 8 pm. $18. No one turned away (PVC members: $10).

The SeaWaves with their passionate, playful and political songs share the stage with Linq, edgy, versatile protest singer, to sing out against erosions of civil and LGBTQ+ rights, choice and true democracy.

The SeaWaves’ colorful originals pull from a history of activism and performance (eg, the 70s Women’s Music Network, Brooklyn Women’s Chorus, Some Folks, Isis, Barry White and Machito bands…) Their new CD Talking Truth, is “…deeply political, fiercely feminist, inspiring and heartwarming.” – Julie R. Enszer, Poet and Editor, Sinister Wisdom and features “…lovely selections about life, love, sexuality, being female, and the LGBTQ experience …” – Pam Parker, Union Activist, Singer-Composer. The songs “… are romantic, whimsical, yearning and fun.” – Merry Gangemi, Producer/Host Woman-Stirred Radio, WGDR.

Linq, Massachusetts-based singer-songwriter and OutMusic award winner for “Oh Bully,” came of age in the turbulent sixties, leaving a lucrative career to jump on stage at 55. Her songs mix folk, rock and blues and may inspire you to dance or call your congressperson. linqmusic.com/

The Peoples' Voice Cafe, founded in 1979 by members of Songs of Freedom and Struggle, has its roots in a time-honored tradition combining culture with political activity. A not-for-profit collective that is not affiliated with any political or religious organization, the Cafe is an alternative coffeehouse offering quality entertainment -- usually political music, but also poetry, storytelling, puppetry, dance and theater. Spend Saturday evening with friendly people who don't like budget cuts, wars, poverty, racism, sexism or homophobia.
SeawavesRecordings.com, producers of The SeaWaves’ concerts and CDs is an independent recording company founded by Jeri Hilderley in l978. Interview with Merry Gangemi, Producer/Host Woman-Stirred Radio, WGDR, available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVREK1DKlzQ&feature=youtu.be

Jeri Hilderley

"Empowerment comes from ideas."

Gloria Anzaldúa

"Your silence will not protect you."

Audre Lorde

"Live your lives, honorably and with dignity."

Andrea Dworkin