New Issue of TRIVIA: Voices of Feminism

Monica Casper writes: I'm so pleased to announce the launch of Issue #15 of TRIVIA: Voices of Feminism:

This gorgeous Issue --“Animal Instincts"-- guest edited by Lisa Jean Moore and Breanne Fahs, is a Call to the Wild. It’s a call to feminists to embrace our animality, our interconnections, and our species fluidity. All of the work here — prose poetry, fiction, visual art, essays -- explores our relationship to non-human animals and the “natural,” pushing feminism beyond the “eco” into the intimate lives of animals and women — exploring the ways these lives meet, cross each other, and co-exist. From jellyfish to hawks to coyotes to bears, “Animal Instincts” explores who “we” are, and what feminism is, in relation to our non-human kin.

The issue is sure to be of interest to folks working in feminist theory, the "new" materialism, critical animal studies, feminist philosophy, environmental ethics, and many other fields.

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