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Issue 103-Celebrating the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival & THE WOMEN'S MARCH ON WASHINGTON-TUCSON

Wife Sue and I doing double duty promoting Issue # 103--Sinister Wisdom's celebration of the Michigan Womyn's Festival, and also attending THE WOMEN'S MARCH ON WASHINGTON with the Tucson group. There were approximately 15,000 in attendance for the march and rally.
Judith K. Witherow

WOMEN'S MARCH & Tucson Solidarity Rally

Sue Lenaerts and I were disappointed to learn we'd miss the Women's March on Washington on January 21, 2017. We have been to every Republican counter inaugural since Nixon. Imagine our excitement to find out Tucson--where we live part time--as well as 300 other places worldwide are holding Sister Marches. We are aware that nationally there is an outpouring of protests that has never been seen for any one event. The unknown of the future administration has caused an outpouring of emotions that has united untold numbers in protest in support of what the future might hold.

Such outrage, fear and determination is bringing us together in solidarity to show that we will not allow our long, hard battles for equality in every area to be rolled back. Please check out the information below and help make the March a success. Phoenix will also be having a March.

(Thank you, Jennifer Hudson, for withdrawing from Inaugural entertainment in solidarity with your LGBT fans.)

Judith K. Witherow

January 21,2017
Women's March on Washington - Tucson March
Sat 10 AM · Armory Park, Tucson
This event is open to all in Tucson who “stand together in solidarity with our partners and children for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health, and our families — recognizing that our vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country.” (quote from the National Women’s March on Washington).


2016 Pushcart Nominations from Sinister Wisdom

Sinister Wisdom is pleased to nominate six pieces from the four issues of Sinister Wisdom published prior to December 1, 2016 for the 2016 Pushcart Prize.

The six pieces are:

“Lulu’s Pleasure Palace” by Cherry Muhanji
“Animus” by Courtney Hartnett
“Womanworks at BK and Mary’s” by Lynette Yetter
“Outer Banks” by J.M. Latham
“BME II” by Imani Sims
“From A Year from Today” by Stacy Szymaszek

Congratulations to all of the writers! Fingers crossed that one or more will be selected for a Pushcart Prize this year!

40th Anniversary Poster

2016 Awards from Rainbow Williams

HERE ARE THE 2016 AWARDS from rainbow williams
no cash just appreciation

Best Lesbian Feminist Quarterly. Sinister Wisdom
Best Lesbian cartoonist. Diane F Germaine
Best Activist. Alix Dobkin
Best Landdyke publication. MAIZE Jae Hazzard
Best Old Lesbian Newsletter OLOC REPORTER
Best Radical Newsletter. Rain and Thunder
Best National Newsletter. Lesbian Connection
Best Regional Newsletter C O E Jacksonville
Best Childrens Biography FAITH RINGGOLD. If A Bus Talked could
Best Art Guide SALLY WILLOWBEE, Found Artists South
Best Video ARDEN EVERSMEYER, Our Stories, Our Voices
Best Memorial Memoir BLUEBIRD Pink Hats for Wendy
Best Historical Novel. RONNI SANLO The Soldier, Avatar, Holocaust and The Holoc

We'Moon 2017

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