Catherine Nicholson Memorial

Catherine Nicholson's Memorial
in Durham, North Carolina

Saturday, November 2
2:00 pm
In front of Catherine's former residence at 209 Watts St., Durham

Friends will be planting a tree in the front yard and interring Catherine's ashes there.

Afterwards, we'll gather for a reception in the apartment of Betsy Storozuk, a friend of Catherine's who still lives in the building at 209 Watts St.

For more information, contact:

Elizabeth Brownrigg

Catherine Nicholson, one of the founders of Sinister Wisdom, died on June 16, 2013. A series of memorials and reminisces of Catherine are featured in Sinister Wisdom 90, which is on sale now and will be in the mail to subscribes by mid-October 2013.

Feisty Seniors Sing Out for Justice and Tenderness at the Peoples’ Voice Cafe

Join The SeaWaves for their fall concert in New York City at PVC - The Community Church of New York Unitarian Universalist, 40 East 35th St (Bet Mad Ave and Park Ave) NYC, Saturday, Nov 2 – 8 pm. $18. No one turned away (PVC members: $10).

The SeaWaves with their passionate, playful and political songs share the stage with Linq, edgy, versatile protest singer, to sing out against erosions of civil and LGBTQ+ rights, choice and true democracy.

The SeaWaves’ colorful originals pull from a history of activism and performance (eg, the 70s Women’s Music Network, Brooklyn Women’s Chorus, Some Folks, Isis, Barry White and Machito bands…) Their new CD Talking Truth, is “…deeply political, fiercely feminist, inspiring and heartwarming.” – Julie R. Enszer, Poet and Editor, Sinister Wisdom and features “…lovely selections about life, love, sexuality, being female, and the LGBTQ experience …” – Pam Parker, Union Activist, Singer-Composer. The songs “… are romantic, whimsical, yearning and fun.” – Merry Gangemi, Producer/Host Woman-Stirred Radio, WGDR.

Linq, Massachusetts-based singer-songwriter and OutMusic award winner for “Oh Bully,” came of age in the turbulent sixties, leaving a lucrative career to jump on stage at 55. Her songs mix folk, rock and blues and may inspire you to dance or call your congressperson.

The Peoples' Voice Cafe, founded in 1979 by members of Songs of Freedom and Struggle, has its roots in a time-honored tradition combining culture with political activity. A not-for-profit collective that is not affiliated with any political or religious organization, the Cafe is an alternative coffeehouse offering quality entertainment -- usually political music, but also poetry, storytelling, puppetry, dance and theater. Spend Saturday evening with friendly people who don't like budget cuts, wars, poverty, racism, sexism or homophobia., producers of The SeaWaves’ concerts and CDs is an independent recording company founded by Jeri Hilderley in l978. Interview with Merry Gangemi, Producer/Host Woman-Stirred Radio, WGDR, available at

Jeri Hilderley

Quiet Mountain Essays is now online

The new issue of QME is out! Dr. Lamya Ramadan reports from the crisis in Egypt; Judith K. Witherow shares an intimate talk with Andrea Dworkin; and Juana Ortiz chronicles conquering Cerebral Palsy. Also, the Fall interview with Cherokee activist Pamela Kingfisher. Please, Read On!

From the editor of Welfare Warriors.

Rape by ultrasound machine is not enough for Texas boys, they are also raping women digitally on the highway in full view of everyone. Since women have been raped at traffic stops (no crime and no ticket) both in the Northern part of Texas AND in the south, it appears to be a state wide practice. They call in a woman cop to do the dirty deed in public and she wears the same glove to rape two women anally AND vaginally (from anus to vagina). Not only rape but filthy ignorant contamination.

I guess the guys in Milwaukee raped by cops on the street were lucky they didn't have a second opening to contaminate after the anal rape.

Welfare Warriors

New Lesbian Poetry Journal Edited by Valerie Wetlaufer

Sibling Rivalry Press is thrilled to announce the debut of Adrienne: a quarterly journal of lesbian poetry in January 2014. Adrienne is open to submissions from all lesbian, bisexual, and self-identified queer women. The project began as Lady Business, a celebration of lesbian poetry, published in 2012. In the same form as Assaracus, Sibling Rivalry Press’s journal of gay men’s poetry, Adrienne will feature a substantial profile of writing by ten to twelve emerging and established poets in each issue. This format showcases the diverse talents of lesbian writers in our community. Valerie Wetlaufer is the editor of Adrienne. The issues will release at the same time as Assaracus: in January, April, July, and October.

In the past three years, Sibling Rivalry Press has established itself as a LGBTQ publishing force with quality work by diverse authors, straight and LGBTIQ alike. Sibling Rivalry Press and Valerie Wetlaufer selected the name Adrienne as a tribute to Adrienne Rich. In a 1999 interview with Michael Klein, Adrienne Rich said,

There’s a lot of what I would call comfortable poetry around. But then there is all this other stuff going on—which is wilder, which is bristling; it’s juicier, it’s everything that you would want. And it’s not comfortable. That’s the kind of poetry that interests me—a field of energy. It’s intellectual and moral and political and sexual and sensual—all of that fermenting together. It can speak to people who have themselves felt like monsters and say: you are not alone, this is not monstrous. It can disturb and enrapture. (

Given Rich’s words and Sibling Rivalry Press’s overall mission is to publish work that disturbs and enraptures, it seemed fitting to honor Adrienne Rich in the title of the new lesbian poetry journal.

Editor Valerie Wetlaufer says of the new journal, “In Adrienne I hope to publish the best established lesbian poets alongside exciting emerging poets. I’m looking for all kinds of writing that captures the broad range of queer women’s experiences. I have no single aesthetic I want to promote, beyond really great poetry. I’m especially interested in writing by women of color and trans women.”

Wetlaufer continued, “The name Adrienne has special meaning to me, because it was her poem “Twenty-one Love Poems” that inspired me to write my first verse. Her line “Whatever else happens with us, your body will haunt mine” struck me to my core and I penned an elegy for my first love. I’m thrilled to provide a space for the work of other queer women poets. As more and more attention is brought to the inequities of traditional publishing, through the VIDA count and other venues, I think it’s vital to provide places that openly support work elsewhere-marginalized writers. Assaracus and Jonathan do that, and now we have Adrienne to do that as well.”

Valerie Wetlaufer’s first poetry collection Mysterious Acts by My People was chosen from the open submissions to Sibling Rivalry Press in 2012, and will be published in March 2014. She was previously a poetry editor of Quarterly West, and editorial assistant at Western Humanities Review and The Southeast Review. Wetlaufer holds a MA in Teaching from Bennington College, a MFA in Poetry from Florida State University, and a PhD in Literature & Creative Writing from The University of Utah. In 2010, she was a Lambda Literary Foundation Emerging Writers Retreat Fellow. She has published two chapbooks, Scent of Shatter (Grey Book Press 2010) and Bad Wife Spankings, winner of the 2010 Gertrude Press Chapbook Prize.

For Adrienne submission information, visit Subscriptions will be available after the first few issues, with the same structure, pricing, and discounts as are available with Assaracus.


Festival of Women Writers in Hobart, NY

Join Sinister Wisdom contributor Cheryl Clark and a stellar line up of women writers at the Festival of Women Writers in Hobart, NY.

For more information, check out the festival facebook page:


Sinister Wisdom 89

We'Moon 2014

Pink Saris Documentary

Gulabi Gang---Sampat Pal leader.

Andrea Dworkin's works

The Facebook link to find the complete works of one of our greatest writers.



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