Sinister Wisdom Residential Internships and Creative Endeavors Residencies

Sinister Wisdom Residential Internships

Residential interns live and work at the Sinister Wisdom headquarters for two weeks to four months based on their program needs and availability. Residential interns work on Sinister Wisdom projects for twenty to thirty (20-30) hours each week. These residencies are designed for students in undergraduate programs and early in graduate studies.

Sinister Wisdom Creative Endeavors Residencies

Sinister Wisdom Creative Endeavors Residencies are for people who wish to participate in the journal and are not enrolled currently as undergraduate students. The conditions and parameters for these residencies are negotiated between the needs of Sinister Wisdom and the resident. Generally, minimum of ten hours of work each week on Sinister Wisdom is desired but all is negotiable.

Sinister Wisdom Creative Endeavors Residencies are ideal for working artists and writers doing extended, large, ambitious creative projects that engage lesbians and lesbian communities in substantive ways. These residencies are also ideal for people in the final stages of completing dissertations or people who have recently completed a dissertation and are plotting their next steps in their career. In all cases, priority is given to people doing work that benefit lesbians and lesbian communities.

The Space

Residents live and work in the separate house where Sinister Wisdom headquarters is located; we call it, lovingly, the casita. During residencies, people live and work in the loft bedroom on the second floor. The space is about 600 square feet. It has two beds—a queen size bed and a king size bed—a television, a desk, and storage shelves (which have the back issues of Sinister Wisdom ). There is an additional workspace and a kitchenette on the first floor for residents with a full bathroom (shower only, no bath tub). Residents can use the inground pool adjacent to the casita.

More Details

Sinister Wisdom is located in Dover, FL, about a twenty-five minute drive from downtown Tampa and a forty minute drive from the Tampa airport. The house is near strawberry fields at the end of a county road. To participate in the residency, residents must:

• Be comfortable with large dogs. Right now we have three large, energetic Saint Bernards who come to work with the editor and publisher most days.
• Be comfortable with cats. No cat is resident to the house where the accommodations are, but there is a cat in the main house—and on occasion she visits the casita.
• Be able to walk on a narrow paved pathway to the house and be able to walk up a full flight of steps to the loft work and sleep space.
• Be serious about the work that they are doing and be comfortable working independently and with solitude, at the same time recognize that it is a shared workspace. The Sinister Wisdom editor and publisher works in a separate office with a door, but is often on conference calls via skype or on the house telephone. At the same time, sometimes she is working quietly and intently on editorial work or her own creative work.
• Comply with the procedures for coming on and off the compound. The property is surrounded by a gate.

Residents will be provided
• Linens which will be laundered one time a week.
• Two beds in the loft, a queen size bed and a king size bed
• A desk to work

Residents must provide
• Their own food. There is a small kitchenette with a small refrigerator, microwave, and toaster oven for food preparation. Access to the full kitchen in the larger house is possible with prior arrangements.
• Their own transportation. There is no public transportation available in this part of the world. Ride sharing apps do service the area, but there is not a car sharing service.
• There is a grocery store about three miles away so a reasonable ride sharing ride.
• Their own computer.
• Any other material that they need to pursue their creative and internship work.

Residents will be sharing space with the editor and publisher of Sinister Wisdom during daytime hours.

Please note the weather in Florida during the months of your stay to ensure that you are prepared and comfortable with the ambient temperatures. The casita does have central air.

To Apply

For the Sinister Wisdom Residential Internships, please send a letter of interest and a current resume or CV.

For the Sinister Wisdom Creative Endeavors Residency, please send a letter of interest along with other supportive documents that help us to understand you and your project.

Email material to

We look forward to spending time with you in Dover, FL!

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