Spoon and the Moon - app by lesbian app builders

Marie Davis and Margaret Hultz are two down-home, hard-working lesbian app builders spreading the word about their app Spoon and the Moon.

No! Wait! Please don’t stop reading; it’s a word worth spreading! Spoon and the Moon has won many awards, including runner-up for Best App Ever and the eLit award for Illuminating Digital Excellence! Most recently we popped up to New York City during the BEA and received our 2013 Discovery Award from IndieReader. IndieReader also picked Spoon and the Moon as one of their six books to fall for this season! Just think of it? Cozy flannel pajamas, nippy cool air, fireplaces roaring and Spoon and the Moon helping you laugh your way through the season! YAY! Fall!

Want a tinge more? Just imagine their plight, two mouse-wielding lesbians working in a predominately straight male technological world and we really, really need the support of the LGBTIQ family.

Plus, and here is the freebie, Marie and Margaret will send Sinister Wisdom readers a free app if they will contact Marie and Margaret at spoonandthemoon@yahoo.com with the words Free App in the subject line.

Thanks buckets for reading their note. Here’s to all of us, and marriage equality sooner than later!

Marie and Margaret—Wickedly Sisters

Marie Davis and Margaret Hultz
Wickedly Sisters
App Developers

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