Tee Corinne Giclee Print

Sinister Wisdom 3 featured the iconic photograph by Tee Corinne of lesbian love-making. After printing this image as the cover, Sinister Wisdom created a poster of the cover with the image that sold at feminist bookstores throughout the United States. It was beloved.

After Tee Corinne died in 2006, friends did a giclee printing of this iconic image in a limited run of 50 prints. Giclee (pronounced zhee-clay) is a method of high-quality printing that uses archival quality inks. Giclee prints make for gorgeous artwork.

Through the generosity of Corinne’s friends, Sinister Wisdom has three 16" x 20” giclee prints of this image available to support our fall fundraising campaign. These prints are valued at $300 each.

To create the most opportunities for women who want to own this piece of Sinister Wisdom we ran three separate fundraisers, one for each of the 16" x 20” giclee prints.

One print was available for sale for $300 for direct purchase through julie at sinisterwisdom dot org. The second print was auctioned off at a launch event for Joan Neslte's A Sturdy Yes of a People: Selected Writings. The final print was available through a raffle with 300 tickets available at $1/each. Congratulations to the lucky wimmin who got there hands on this piece of herstory!

More About Tee Corinne

Tee Corinne is one of the most identifiable luminaries of Lesbian photography and a pioneer in the women's erotica movement. In her own words, she, “focus[ed] on the hidden and forbidden activities of lesbian sex." Tee Corinne's photography often featured real-life lovers in natural settings, and included fat women, old women, disabled women, and women of color. Some of her most iconic works employed the technique of “reverse printing” which inverted the color of the images to create "a rush of desire so intense that the act of looking is sexual," as well as collages to obscure the explicit nature of her photos.

Corinne’s photography was featured in print in publications such as Sinister Wisdom, off our backs, On Our Backs, Bad Attitude; her own book of photography, Yantras of Womanlove, was one of the first erotic lesbian photograph books to ever be published.

While she is among the earliest women to create sexual images for women, from a woman's point of view, she was also a writer and artist of various mediums. Tee Corinne’s illustrative work adorned the cover of numerous books from Naiad Press, as well as album covers for women musicians. Her Cunt Coloring Book also broke ground as an important resource for sex education and body positivity.

Outside of her own art, she sought to uplift new lesbian artist voices and reviewed art books for various publications. The score of her influence was recognized in 1991 when Lambda Book Report named her one of the 50 most influential lesbians and gay men of the decade.

(Tee Corinne shot by Beverly Brown.)

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